Neorhythm – Zetetic (2018)

a4107036952_16🇫🇮 We’re back to Finland for a massive blast: a band named Neorhythm is swiftly rising to capture the Universe.


It’s time to check whether we are prepared for the future. Robots, spaceships and modified humans are on the threshold and all staring at us. This is a kind of feeling inbuilt in “Zetetic“.

Overcharged riffs go straight to the brains although we humans are not equipped by microchips yet. This works anyway. Precise math is empowered by the groove metal’s rage in hands of Neorhythm. It’s a good weapon nurturing Meshuggah’s heritage.

A promising work with a good chance to blow your mind up.

facebook page: NeorhythmOfficial

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

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