Grajo – Slowgod II (2018)


Bewitching Grajo’s latest album is full of extravagant downtempo riffs, mighty distortion and wonderful voice of vocalist Liz.

Grajo is four-piece band coming from Spain. They tend to play sludgy stoner in passionate and accurate way. It feels like the sound is dismantled to the core and gradually revived again.

First track, “Altares” is an immediate jolt: more that eight minutes of profound heaviness. Next one, “Queen Cobra”, is literally “from the other side” as it brings more speed and attractiveness. Then all slows down again and doesn’t give any chance to escape.

Dear listener, take it carefully…

Grajo: facebook page

You may also be inspired by: Ufomammut; Escape Is Not Freedom; Tummler And Solomon

4 thoughts on “Grajo – Slowgod II (2018)

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