Lorø – Hidden Twin (2018)


🇮🇹 If you want to feel a jolt I have one prepared for you: it’s Lorø’s “Hidden Twin” and it is a bomb.


What made me i like here is the sound’s amplitude: it sways.  It’s structure captures. It’s dark and low, lower than you could suppose.

Since their debut self-titled album released in 2015, Lorø evolved a lot. Less fervent, more disruptive and solid. Heading to the edge, walking along it and still not crossing it over… but getting very close.

My persomnally featured tracks (seasoned with goosebumps!) are the first and the last ones. “Low Raw” which is both low and extremely raw and that “Inerxia” – the term that you’d try to search for, but you alredy has a sensation about. It’s somewhere near, perhaps behind you…

facebook page: Lorø

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4 thoughts on “Lorø – Hidden Twin (2018)

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