Inspirative – Mainland EP (2017)


🇹🇭 Nice and quiet post-rock piece from Thailand based band with an appropriate name – Inspirative.

Any good post-rock album has its own atmosphere. Perhaps, all of them are about silence which hides behind chords and reverbs.  This is right for “Mainland” – short but pithy EP from Inspirative.

I think it’s good when you are not going to search for descriptions and comparisons. Anyway, I try to avid this. Listening to such an album lets the mind slow down and give way to feeling that is not so easily reacting. Good if it’s true and deep.

To me, the last track, “Perspective” also has a perfectly matched title. It is my favorite for a moment as it sounds not usual for a genre and has a mood of anticipation inside.

facebook page: Inspirative.

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3 thoughts on “Inspirative – Mainland EP (2017)

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