Across the Continents. E04. Rituals of XXI Century

Merging the rites of the planet in this episode. Image by lunamontem

The rituals root in the oldest times. Today, through the modern tools and arrangements, they come back and capture our souls.

1. Nytt Land – Cvlt (2020)

🇷🇺 We are heading to impenetrable woods stretching from the heart of Siberia to the outskirts of Karelia. This project was created by the spouses Anatoly and Natalya Pakhalenko from the Omsk region. They are inspired by the rituals of the indigenous peoples of the North, which are teleporting us to the ancient times. Ethnic music performed by the band comes to life in a wide variety of incarnations: from dark ambient to avant-garde metal, from folktronics almost to industrial.

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2. Treeboga – Circle of Unity (2020)

🇦🇺 At the other corner of the planet, a circle of unity which anyone can join, already awaits us. The whispers of the jungle, the call of the didgeridoo, the beating of drums, male and female voices here and there, all follow each other in a mysterious round dance. On this album, acoustics recorded live intersperse with selected electronics. It gives the sound proper volume, and sometimes it becomes acid enough so you forget where you were just a moment ago. Don’t worry, you are still at home.

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3. Acavernus & Yantra – Gnose (2021)

🇧🇷 The globe is spinning and our next stop is in majestic Amazonian region. We are now listening to a collaboration between two brave experimenters, Paula Rebellato and Douglas Leal. They have very different creative paths. Paula deals with contemporary audiovisual art; while Douglas is a multi-instrumentalist and founder of a psychedelic punk band. A couple of years ago they were destined to cross paths, and their seven-part ritual turned out to be incredibly exciting.

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4. Karnash – Леший. Ночь (2019)

🇷🇺 Leshy will lead us along unknown paths, accompanied by mystical music. Alexander Karnavalov invented and played everything himself for his debut album. A whole arsenal of instruments came in handy for him: didgeridoo, hang, tabla, djembe, oud, percussion and tools of his own making. Listen to how it all sounds in strange bewitching ritual. It seems that it was performed not in a home digital studio with a bunch of wires, but in the dark forest full of shadows and their owners.

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5. Kiki Pounamu – Waitahā Kawe Wai Tahā (2022)

🇳🇿 This collective professes Taonga pūoro, the tradition of New Zealand’s indigenous Maori people. On the one hand, this is the name given to instruments of various shapes that make mystical sounds. On the other hand, it is rather specific musical improvisations closely connected with the religious and mythological heritage. By participating in live sessions, listeners return to the natural forces at work around and within us. You can join at any moment thanks to modern technologies.

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