Across the Continents. E01. Into the Depths

It turns out that the continents of our planet are deeply connected. Image by lunamontem

We start our trip around the world in search for precious music which appeared in various places and hearts. Although it often is derived from specific traditions, it may be universal and perceivable by anyone who lives on the Earth.

Our first episode was meant to go as deep into each musical continent as we could. Check with us what came up.


1. Spellbound – Unterwegs (2020)

🇩🇪 The beginning of our adventure takes place in Leipzig, Germany. The Spellbound collective refers to traditional music from all around Europe and not only Europe as well. The synthesis of ancient melodies and new interpretations is brought to the state-of-the-art level. The spirit of medieval epoch is wandering back and forth, making a listener involved into the mystery immediately. The polka rhythms join the Nordic ones, while the reels follow golden Turkish, Greek and Georgian melodies. Unbelievable praise of the worlds’ heritage!

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2. Wu Man & Kojiro Umezaki – 流芳 Flow (2021)

🇯🇵 🇨🇳 We are heading to the East now, and a precious sounds are reaching our souls. That’s the union of pipa and shakuhachi, in the hands of maestros Wu Man & Kojiro Umezaki.

The first instrument is deeply connected with Chinese culture. Shakuhachi is a special bamboo flute which is associated with Japanese traditional music. Complementing each other, two musicians create unique atmosphere of sacred action being available for any interested person in the universe.

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3. Xochimoki – Temple Of The New Sun (2021)

🇲🇽 🇺🇸 Xochimoki is the unique cultural project run by American ethnomusicologist Jim Berenholtz and the son of Aztecs Mazatl Galindo. The “Temple Of The New Sun” compilation was recorded in mid-’80s and has been recently issued in digital. This is not just the music, but an adventurous expedition to Pre-Columbian history of native peoples. These stories are told with the help of Nahuatl, Maya, Purepecha and Quechua languages and harmonic singing. You’ll listen to authentic wind instruments and touching percussion, combined in sacred double action.

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4. Djime Sissoko & Djama Djigui – Kabako (2021)

🇲🇱 And now, we move to the opposite part of the globe. Welcome to Mali, a West African country extremely rich in musical traditions. Djime Sissoko and his ensemble energizes the auditorium by precious melodies and rhythms. His ngoni is the lead instrument, while tamas, doundouns, baras, calebasse and other authentic instruments are creating pure African atmosphere. Beautiful voices of Aichata Bah, lead singer of the collective, and her friends and guest singers, tell us the history, the feelings, and the wisdom of the generations.

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Australia and New Zealand

5. Riki Gooch & Alistair Fraser – Rangatira (2020)

🇳🇿 One more spiritual experience in our episode. This time, we are exploring the musical heart of New Zealand. Our guides are percussionist Riki Gooch and taonga pūoro master Alistair Fraser. The duo has devoted this work to Eddie Tutaki, a friend of both musicians, who passed away. Thus, the album touches the matter of life and death, hidden questions and answers, which stay behind the wellbeing. Rangatira is a true sincere experience to bring it straight to the surface and focus on inevitable things that we people prefer to escape.

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