Dimitris Mystakidis – Morso (2022)

🇬🇷 This album is rich in folk melodies and hidden meanings, personal feelings and thoughts, conveyed in lyrics and music.

The creative career of Dimitris Mistakidis spans over three decades. Starting with classical Greek music, he has been investigated both historically related phenomena and modern musical trends. Of course, the theory has been quickly enriched by the practice: live performances, tours and studio recordings.

“Morso” came out at the end of the past year and collected compositions by Dimitris himself and Alexandros Emmanuilidis. The performance was attended by a dozen and a half musicians owning a variety of instruments. The author himself performed guitar and vocal parts and made chic arrangements as well.

We seem teleporting to Greece in the 1920s, where rembetiko captures us entirely. But thanks to subtle accents, carefully placed here and there by Dimitris, we return to the reality of the next century. Such a connection, strong and unsteady at the same time, can be traced from track to track and makes the album special.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

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