Across the Continents. E03. East Meets Rest

Sailing towards the sunrise. Image by lunamontem

In this episode of our Across the Continents series, we are exploring multinational collaborations. “East Meets West” is a wide formula but we go even wider. In our story, East Meets Each of Us. Previous episodes: E01. Into the Depths | E02. Walking Authentic Paths

1. Mólo Sâyat – Ħadãeq (2021)

🇧🇪 🇱🇧 Mólo Sâyat is unique project based in Brussels, Belgium. Its participants blend together selected musical traditions from all around the world. Here Mediterranean, Central European, Arabic, and pan-Asian influences meet each other and make an ensemble. Unexpected intersections, eclectic melodies, irresistible rhythms and springs of goosebumps. All what we love and crave for. Beautiful cosmopolitan album with no borders and restrictions with the global size audience.

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2. Heiri Känzig Quintet and Arga Bileg Ethno Jazz Band – Agula: Swiss-Mongolian Music Exchange Project (2014)

🇨🇭 🇲🇳 The names of the ensembles and the album’s title tell you about this project all. Two mountain countries, located so far from each other. Two worlds coming into one masterpiece, “Agula”. What a story! In the first part, genuine throat singing comes with clear European female vocals. The second one is full of both jazzy and nomadic tunes. Great caravan from Tibet to the Alps, carrying treasures from all of these lands. And it moves from the past into future, welcoming us to join.

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3. Basel Rajoub & Matthias Loibner – River Of light (2021)

🇸🇾 🇨🇭 🇦🇹 Basel Rajoub was born in Aleppo, Syria. During his education in Damascus, he had been absorbing local traditions and both Eastern and Western approaches to the music. After moving to Switzerland, Basel continued his artistic way opened to interesting collaborations and improvisations. This one is done in a duo with Austrian musician Matthias Loibner, whose solo hurdy-gurdy playing had inspired Basel to tell the story of the past, of the homeland, the childhood, youth and maturity.

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4. Jean-Luc Thomas, Ravichandra Kulur – Magic Flutes (2016)

🇫🇷 🇮🇳 That’s indeed true, here comes the magic. Jean-Luc Thomas and Ravichandra Kulur are both specialists in flutes. European ones meet bansuri, and guitar by Camilo Menjura with Jérôme Kerihue’s percussion complete the ensemble. Something mystical happens and we take part in majestic act. This music freedom is winging a listener. Forgetting about the boundaries, we experience universal sound of music, full of air and fresh wind. Whenever and wherever we listen to it, it is always a pleasure.

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5. ComboNations – Dunya (2017)

🇳🇴 🇮🇷 🇮🇳 🇨🇮 🇸🇳 🇲🇦 It was a challenge to put all these flags, and we could stop with that, as all the worlds are redundant. ComboNations is a cosmopolitan ensemble created in Oslo by Javid Afsari Rad. He is originally from Iran, and his mates have roots in India, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Morocco. For sure, various traditions receive respect in this project, and you’ll hear more than a combination of those. Something special, solid and fragile, tiny and huge. Like the feeling caused by amazing music!

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