Hania Rani – Live from Studio S2 (2022)

🇵🇱 Hania Rani is a modern composer and performer coming from Warsaw, a capital of Poland.

In her artistic process, Hania uses various tools to create unique sound. It’s pianos, both classical and prepared, grand piano, synths, processors and other electroniс tools.

On stage, her instruments are usually arranged in a rectangular way, and she switches between them, using lopping and effects which give a sensation of an orchestra. From time to time, like in “Leaving”, we hear a beautiful voice of Hania. It dances with the sound of the keys and soothes the listeners’ souls.

The album that I porpose to you today was recorded at Polish radio. And how great was this job done! So deep sound of each note, the atmosphere is literally imprinted in sound. Moreover, there is a videoversion of this session that wI recommend to enjoy in its whole.

facebook page: haniaranimusic

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube

You may also be inspired by Go Go Machine Orchestra | Snorri Hallgrímsson | Martin Kohlstedt

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