Ni! – Hikikomori (2021)

🇷🇺 Where the tiny syllables of kalimba meet the brass phrases, loops and silent sage sight, Ni! appears.

Ni! hails from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He deals with electroacoustic patterns which he aligns in fancy forms and nice structures. Deep and even sometimes terrific bass clarinet and tender tenor saxophone are not alone. Their parties are processed so that they meet each other in multiple reflections, and neat arrangements make the difference.

This album lets various moods, each one flipping into another. Melancholy is lurking behind calmness and thoughtful inspiration. Looped rhythms are wandering back and forth, and there are points where this stuff overturns your aspirations.

Just let the next track start, and you’ll make a next step to the traversal of the past and the future.

facebook page: WeNeedShrubbery

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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3 thoughts on “Ni! – Hikikomori (2021)

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