On the Indie Cycle Track: to Post-punk and Indie-rock

The trip is always an adventure. Image by artgiagzhel

Ride the old bike and remember giddiness of the youth. It is not lost but lurking somewhere inside.

1. Fake Fruit – Fake Fruit (2021)

🇺🇸 We start our trip in Oakland, California. Pretty bold and energizing, Fake Fruit’s self-titled album is worth your listen. You’ll find a bunch of questions, followed by less quantity of answers. This means the missing ones are up to you. Ask yourself who you are. Compact songs with their own pulse have immediate effect. You get into, head turned, and the wave carries you away. Don’t struggle, that’s not dangerous. A pleasant adventure through complicated daily life with all its surprising and messy outcomes.

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2. Splits – Vice Versa (2021)

🇺🇸 Splits from Chicago, Illinois are here with their pithy and sharp release. “Vice Versa” has five songs, half acoustic and half amplified, driven by nice vocals. Looking back to the past, encountering events and emotions and letting them go. Not everything, though, as a lot of things we keep and cannot avoid. Delights and frustrations, hopes and dreams, all making a story. Being sincere, hearts on a sleeve, the quartet remembers us a simple rule, sink or swim. That’s what we’ll do!

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3. Grandmas House – Grandmas House (2021)

🇬🇧 I’s a weird thing and it sticks to your subconscious. Pretty provocation causes a resonance, and simple rhythm stays with you for a long while. Close your eyes and stuff your ears if needed, but you can’t ever outrun who you are… Walk into the golden gate with these three jamming ladies from Bristol, UK. Surfing on the scorched punk wave is something funny. When you’re done, grab your bike and head straightforward, pedaling fast and fiercely.

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4. Koikoi – Pozivi u Stranu (2021)

🇷🇸 Our next record is coming from Belgrade, Serbia. Light rays comes together with dark ones, as joy is followed by woe. And vice versa. Look into a mirror and you’ll get the picture. Koikoi’s music is soft and mild, blending psychedelic rock, punkish moods and folk intonations. Short phrases, inner dialogues and even lines. Around that, you’ll find good vibes and juicy riffs. The quartet goes deeper sometimes, bringing out kraut and catchy post-punk. When they are back to the surface, electronic crinoline covers the guitar and bass lines, and there’s a moment for daydreaming.

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5. Anait – Я​.​Д (2021)

🇱🇻 Dreamy wave leads us to Latvia. The local collective Anait creates sensitive songs full of fragile points and worries. Lyrics in Russian make the difference, as it matches the melodies and guitar tremolos. What is to live without the sun in the sky? You may have your own answer, or it appears to be mutual… Fly above the roofs to escape your own prison and overview the world you are stuck in. Anait will help you with that, just put on this short but promising EP and slow down for a while.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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