Price Love – The Priceless Gift (2020)

🇺🇬 Here’s the New Year gift for every one of us, no matter when you encounter it.

Price Love comes from Kampala, Uganda. She is a musician which lightens up the complicated world, as her music comes around to her listeners and tetts them about a feeling and a great hope.

Price Love sings, teaches the vocals, plays adungu, African arched harp. She creates music deeply related with her home place, using her native language and English as well, sometimes in the same song in turns. This helps us better feel the spirit and get the message right from the author’s heart.

The album is surely a gift, as its compositions are all ardent in their core and easy on the ear. It’s like to listen to a wise person with the eyes wide open. The love is born somewhere in the middle of Africa, and it’s traveling around the globe. That is amazing.

facebook page: PriceLoveMusic

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