3MA – AnaRouz (2017)


🇲🇬 “Anarouz” by 3MA collective discovers ancient musical experience of Afrika and lets us feel the power of eclectic creativity through majestic sounds of peculiar traditional string-instruments.

3MA project is a collaboration of three masters of strings. From left to right: Rajery from Madagascar is maestro of valiha, Malian musician Ballaké Sissoko harnesses his kora and Driss El Maloumi (Morocco) knows how to get the best of oud.

Each musician has his own background, personal art and alliances with a number of professionals throughout the world. Meeting together seems an incredible act of synthesis as 3MA brings a summary for African music of the past and hot nowadays.

Some compositions are complemented by voices of musicians and also there is a room for percussion. Nevertheless, each piece reveals wide and rich energy of string ensemble.

facebook page: Rajery | Driss El Maloumi | Ballake Sissoko

Get this album via: Apple music | Google Music | Яндекс.Музыка

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4 thoughts on “3MA – AnaRouz (2017)

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