Sahra Halgan Trio – Waa Dardaaran (2019)

🇸🇴 Don’t be afraid to be washed away by the great inspiration and the inner force which Sahra is ready to share with all of us.

Sahra Halgan comes from Hargeisa, Somalia. She does live large indeed. Once in the past Sahra had to leave her homeland, Somaliland, and move to Europe as a political refugee. She came back and devoted herself to her favorite things, creating music and encouraging people.

These songs are about the free spirit and the human beauty, never giving up to the aggression and injustice. The traditional singing here teams up with contemporary rock and indie culture.

In her trio, the beautiful voice of Halgan is in a perfect company with the drums by Aymeric Krol, and Mael Saletes’ guitar. You’ll also meet vintage keyboards played by Graham Mushnik.

facebook page: sahrahalgantrio

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2 thoughts on “Sahra Halgan Trio – Waa Dardaaran (2019)

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