Majid Bekkas – Al Qantara (2014)


🇲🇦 Majid Bekkas is a great Moroccan multi-instrumentalist, famous for his music evolving from traditional, oriental and jazz patterns.

Abdelmajid Bekkas is a master of classic guitar and also a variety of folk instruments such as guimbri, oud, calimba and others. He has been teaching music, performing and travelling the world, letting auditorium to feel African spirit with the help of his strings.

Majid is collaborating with jazz, soul and blues musicians and each time the tissue of their compositions is woven with something authentic, threads of ancient cultures, including music of Gnaoua. It’s a story of finding roots and letting them to bear fruits through the magic of the sound.

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6 thoughts on “Majid Bekkas – Al Qantara (2014)

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