Azu Tiwaline – Draw Me A Silence Part. II (2020)

🇹🇳 Close your eyes and feel tiny whisper of the sand around and underneath you. The sand queen, Azu Tiwaline, is here to present her gems to us.

While listening to Azu Tiwaline’s outstanding works, you’ll fell yourself at the junction of the winds coming from the modern Europe, precious Mediterranean, and eternal Sahara. Residing in Tunisia, Azu Tiwaline has a lot to share with the audience, even with the listeners who are not that into electronic music.

I mean, it’s another dimension of African music, that comes direct to you when you first encounter “Draw Me A Silence” double EP. You’re in the heart of the soundscapes that astound you by the deep beats, the voices and echoes, and by the silence that presents all along your way as well.

Azu Tiwaline selects digital approaches but also draws from traditional music, the spirit of the Berber lore. We drop into trance-like condition, and forget about the time. No matter these beats come from the laptop, or from the percussion, or from our veins.

facebook page: Azu.Tiwaline

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