Mouse – Reverse : Universe (2020)

🇿🇦 Let’s reverse our Universe right away by turning on this earthshaking album!

Mouse collective hails from Durban, South Africa. Surprisingly, it’s just a duo of Damon Miles & Christopher Chay! When I’ve first listened to this record, I was pretty sure they are four, as the sound is really dense and thick.

They start with “Red Space”, mellowed and touching one. Not surprisingly, the next track immediately speeds up, blows a listener’s head and steals their heart away. Invading deeply inside our selves, Mouse charms and makes each single cell vibrate.

Even the old good vibes appear throughout the album, it’s all a state of the art experience. Being authentic, this music has several dimensions, launching you to the outer space and bringing you back to our planet. Beware of “Pulsar”, one of the album’s blasts, probably, the fastest and the most stirring one.

facebook page: MouseTheBand

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