Køde – Discrete Transformation (2020)

🇨🇭 You know what? All stars are close, and these four stars are pretty close to our souls, while we are listening to them.

KØDE hails from Lausanne, Switzerland. The band has appeared around 2016, probably reaching the peak nowadays with the second album.

“Discrete Transformation” immediately starts with something special, a kind of contrast between massive bass lines and high-pitched voice of Saskia, the band’s vocalist and guitarist. And this sounding lives inside each song on this album.

Alongwith Saskia, here are another lady, Danaé Perez, playing bass, Adam St-Roch (guitar/vocals/synths), and Sylvain Schaffner on drums. Together they manage to draw together sensuality and power. Not a secret that you’ll have a lot of contemplative moments, whilst these folks will make some noise and grooves, pushing you to go headbanging.

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Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple.music | youtube.music | yandex.music

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