Deepshade – Soul Divider (2020)

🇬🇧 What if we take some grunge, turn it upside down and boost this stuff by adding plenty of magnetic vibes? We’ll get Deepshade then, an extraordinary act from Great Britain.

In the universe of Deepshade, you’ll find red flares of the burning city, bright rays from the sun which turned sad, and the eternity of the Night.

This ablum is done by the band members David Rybka (guitar, voice and keys), Tom Doherty (bass), Chris Oldfield (drums; there were also two other drummers involved in a couple of pieces), and Fran Lydiatt as a keyboardist for several songs.

What you get here is a pure psychedelia served in eclectic manner and seasoned with soulful vocals. There are lots of catchy moments scattered here and there. Go find them and try not to get your soul divided.

facebook page: deepshadeuk

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | |

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2 thoughts on “Deepshade – Soul Divider (2020)

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