Just Mustard – Live Session (2020)

🇮🇪 Good songs sound especially touching when played live. Just Mustard have proven this by releasing such a deep album.

Just Mustard is a great band from Dundalk, Ireland. They are David Noonan (guitar and voice), Mete Kalyon (guitar), Rob Clarke (bass), Shane Maguire (drums), and Katie Ball (wonderful voice).

Having the first EP released back in 2016, the band has been tremendously progressing. Drawing from melodic rock and some punk rock, they jump off the boundaries and make their own coordinate system.

Here, melancholy coexists with a dreamy mood, light sadness and pure excitement. Ostentatious pulses joined by phrases and whoops which come back again to you and reflect from your own experience.

facebook page: justmustardmusic

Get this album via bandcamp | apple.music

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2 thoughts on “Just Mustard – Live Session (2020)

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