Arcing Wires – Prime (2020)

🇦🇺 What a treasure island in the ocean of the planetary fusion! It’s “Prime” by the aussies Arcing Wires.

Another one brilliant by Art As Catharsis, Australian label which brightens the world with shiny stars of all ranges. Arcing Wires will suit the most delicate taste, whether of jazz, rock, or progressive music listeners’.

The quintet makes extensive use of all that’s appropriate the music of high quality. Sharp riffs, mathy constructions, touching saxophone, all mixed up and diversified by fresh arrangements.

Led by the drummer Alex Hirlian, the collective has its own signature, while the track that makes this album complete, can vary so much. For instance, you’ll get really hot prog in “Catacaustic”, dreamy soft tunes like “Arc9”, and clear fusion stuff in “Bobbin Head” as well.

facebook: arcingwires

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2 thoughts on “Arcing Wires – Prime (2020)

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