Erdal Akkaya: ALive

🇹🇷 Do you know anything about bağlama? Even if not, youэму certainly heard its majestic sound. Meet Erdal Akkaya, bağlama virtuoso, who is going to show you how touching Anatolian music can be.

Erdal Akkaya has been studied and played music for years. He was born in Istanbul, and this means he got the music in his heart. Erdal has moved to Germany and developed his incredible manner of play. He performs solo, makes experiments with flamenco guitar and oud masters, and even has made great shows with symhonic and folk orchestras.

Erdal has made a valuable contribution in popularization of traditional Turkish music and collaboration with various cultures. Whether it is Spanish guitar school or modern jazz, Erdal’s hands never stop inventing something new.

Erdal Akkaya at youtube | spotify | deezer | | | facebook

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