Somn – The All-devouring (2019)

🇷🇺 The night is long and it opens the door for strange and dreaded aspects of the human beings.

Somn hails from Saint Petersburg, Russia. The band’s members are Mikhail Kurochkin (bass, vocals),
Artem Selyugin (guitar, vocals), Oleg Salnikov (guitar), and Timur Yusupov (drums).

This album is about wakefulness and dreaming, and about ambiguous borderline between these two conditions. What is in our minds? What is real and what is imaginery? And is threre a reason for certainty?

Four compositions, as long as the night is. Somn delivers a listener right in the center of the guitar-driven chaos, heavy, fast and vast. Desperate vocals contrast with the episodes of stillness, and then another wave comes and knocks you off your feet.

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