DieWatchAndGo – No More Merch (2020)

🇺🇦 DieWatchAndGo, strange name fro an interesting act, gifting you excellent mood, portion of contemplation and some kind of loneliness, good one.

DieWatchAndGo is a solo musical project run by a guy from Kyiv, Ukraine. I could not find his name, so let’s call him Mister X.

Mister X currently has three releases, and the latest is apparently the mature one. Four tracks, four bright rays in the sky color grey.

The music of DieWatchAndGo is instrumental, guitar-based with mild drums and nice arrangements. What I really enjoyed is that romantic mood and thoughtful melodies are combined with the upbeat structures which really matter. A pleasant album for your evening, to serve with some stargazing.

Get this album via bandcamp

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