Planet of the Dead – Fear of a Dead Planet (2020)

a0872499597_16🇳🇿 The life usually ends in death, doesn’t it? Just now we have a chance to take a walk on the Planet of the Dead. And to stay alive.

The quartet is Mark Mundell (vocals), Malcolm McKenzie (guitar), Kees Hengst (bass), and Dion Harris (drums). I thought they have at least two guitars there, that’s how heavy they are. And the drums, perfectly fitted!

In their post-Armageddon search, the band is begging questions like “What is left to save?” Is is something earthborn? Or, at the point when all is way too late, there will be no human matter?

Severe question they are concerned by, but the downtempo riffs can help to shed some light. The light from above. Feel the might of this ray and just follow it. On the Planet of alive (not) turning into the Planet of the Dead.

facebook page: planetofthedeadband

Get this album via bandcampdeezer |

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