Pound – •• (2019)


🇺🇸 Wow! What a blast. Here comes Pound with their ever crushing riffs and drum-gun fire.


Pound hails from Seattle, Washington (USA). David Stickney drives his enhanced duo drum kit, while Ryan Schutte handles on his 9 stringed (!) baritone guitar. I have to admit this monster tool is covering a capacity of a couple of guitars and a bass altogether.

Well, Pound transcends both speed and complexity. In many moments, these lads go grinding your eardrums out. In others, they take time to slow down almost to sludge, and the double heaviness fall onto you.

The band’s massive constructions has barely fit the album framework. Maybe that’s цру the songs traditionally do not has conventional titles. You’ll get only signatures that stab you each time unexpectedly.

facebook page: PoundBand

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