Lum – Homo Infinitus (2019)

a0588844458_16🇲🇽 The Mayan culture keeps breathing through modern musicians’ lungs. Please welcome LUM, our conductor to the infinite continuum.

Sebastian Gandine comes from Tulum, Mexico. This place is famous for marvellous landscapes, the Mayan heritage, and exceptional spirituality. LUM, his artistic name, has come itself  to Sebastian, according to him. LUM means “the Earth” in Mayan, and also has the “luminous” root.

So does his music. It is full of light and spiced by vibes that come out of nowhere and inspire you.  It’s all about the pulse of your blood and about the pulse of our planet as well. Semi-acoustic, semi-electronic, driven be something, that floats behind the human centuries and ages.

The album came out extremely interesting. It contains exotic sounds and plain rhythms all throughout its volume. Pay special attention to “Mojada“. This composition slowly  unfolds its precious texture and literally encapsulates you.

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3 thoughts on “Lum – Homo Infinitus (2019)

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