Baba Zula – Derin Derin (2019)

a3372583044_16 🇹🇷 Baba Zula is back. This time the band present a mix of everything, like a mould of pure Istanbul art.

This way took 5 years right from the issue of their previous studio album. For “Derin Derin“, the masters of Turkish psychedelia have picked selected artifacts. We encounter them while listening to the whole album, from track to track.

Saz and oud, two traditional instruments, turn to magic electric ones. Thanks to Osman Murat Ertel and Periklis Tsoukalas, who make oriental spirit alive and powerful as it meets full force in their hands. Levent Akman does digital things, and Ümit Adakale gives the beats (percussion).

Famous for extraordinary shows, Baba Zula is not so often recording albums. Don’t miss the opportunity to tase this Turkish delight. Surprise yourself with “Derin Derin” and watch some videos by Baba Zula, if only you can’t visit a concert, of course.

facebook page: BaBaZuLaOfficial

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

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3 thoughts on “Baba Zula – Derin Derin (2019)

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