Wintergatan: ALive


Wintergatan collective | Photo:

🇸🇪 Welcome to the shimmering world of sound investigators from Göteborg, Sweden.

Wintergatan is a mysterious child of Swedih multi-instrumentalist Martin Molin, who is harvesting sounds from mechanical, electronic and whatever instruments. His team includes Evelina Hägglund who plays various keys, Marcus Sjöberg responsible for beats and David Zandén (bass).

One of the key instrument played by Wintergatan is a marble machine. Do you have an idea what it is? You have to check this out. At Wintergatan’s Youtube channel, you’ll find explanations and series of detailed overviews.

You know, Martin has brought the childhood dream of dreams in life. It’s even a makeover of Rube Goldberg machine, now having its own incredible voice.

Youtube channel: Wintergatan2000

facebook page: Wintergatan

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