Dongyang Gozupa – Surface (2019)


🇰🇷 Dongyang Gozupa is purely extravagant trio from Seoul, South Korea. They’d surprise even experienced connoisseurs of unusual music.

It’s no sense to describe what the band do. Yun Eun Hwa (Korean dulcimer), Jang Do Hyuk (percussion) and Choi Woo Young (bass) go far away from standards and canons. However, their art has strong taste of traditional Korean music, oriental blend, and art rock flavor, altogether.

It’s not a mixture or synthesis, rather the own way of creation. Dulcimer sounds wonderful in Yun Eun Hwa hands, while solid bass lines and selected beats complete the ambience.

The album is exceptionally wide. The listener gets a full range of tempo. Various musical stories told slowly and carefully, and fast energetic hits like “Feed” present as well. For instance, check “Galaxy“, it’s like a bucket of cold water in your face. Outstanding goosebumps!

facebook page: 동양고주파

Get this album via Google Play | bandcamp

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3 thoughts on “Dongyang Gozupa – Surface (2019)

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