Psychosheep – The Sand’s Tales (2019)

a2672203861_16🇫🇷 Psychosheep is an awesome septet from Brest, France. At the very end of 2019, their Sand’s Tales was released, and it immediately attracted my attention.

It’s kind of a rule of thumb here in Selected Goosebumps blog, an appearance of really good bands with unjustly tiny trace throughout the internet. Psychosheep is one of these special stories.

The band plays elegant rock with oriental influences and eloquent sounding. Psychosheep’s distinguishing feature is vivid vocals of Déborah Belec, who has joined the band in 2016 and has contributed to the evolution of the group’s art.

The compositions on the album vary from the easy listening to energetic and intense. My favorite one is “Fall of the Stars“, as its rolling pulse holds you up and brings a meteor shower of deep emotion. Get yours too!

facebook page: PsychosheepMusic

Get this album via bandcampDeezer | Google PlayApple Music

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2 thoughts on “Psychosheep – The Sand’s Tales (2019)

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