Monsieur Thibault – Go Gauthier! (2019)


Monsieur Thibault arrives. He is ingenious thing as this sort of art doesn’t fit to any description. It’s just inspiring.

We don’t know so much about Monsieur Thibault. He is good at maths and supposed to either dance well or do some sports. And he makes shifty music.

Debut work by the band from French Lille is full of surprises. The staff is unpredictable. It becomes groovy when nothing is indicating that and unexpectedly turns to light mode when you are prepared for a sort of restless prog.

This is the specialty as Monsieur Thibault lets portions of different kinds of styles and arrangements come together and intrigue a listener. Embarrassment rises as long as an Army of rabbits come and you simply don’t know what to do with all of them. By the way, it’s my favorite track from the album.

facebook page: Pipoutibo

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Tou may also be inspired by GDJYB | Theon Cross | Mint Field

2 thoughts on “Monsieur Thibault – Go Gauthier! (2019)

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