Linsey Pollak: ALive


Linsey Pollak |

Linsey Pollak is a multi-instrumentalist from Queensland, Australia.

I guess the starting point of his special art was an attempt to make a carrot sound. It still stays one of Linsey’s favorites along with a… garden hose. Pardon, it becomes Mr Curly on stage, not just a hose. Mr Curly, my apologies.

Among other instruments, he has a watering can, a chair, a whole bicycle, and a long row of utensils that are usually not supposed to generate a sound. While looping, Linsey  creates a full ensemble out of his funny and weird instruments! And all looks and sounds amazing!

This pure ongoing experiment is only a part of Linsey’s talent. He investigates Balkan music, performs a lot, makes various master classes and simply makes people happy  sharing the stage and sharing the art of making music out of everything. Go check Linsey’s personal page to check this out.

facebook page: Linsey.Pollak

personal web page: Linsey Pollak


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