Explosions in the Sky – The Wilderness (2016)


Great minimalistic and delicate instrumental album. Something that stays between people when all genres fade away.
Being known for their cinematic albums, US band Explosions in the Sky made a strong step aside their pathway and proposed something new to a listener. This time, instead of ambient landscapes, they create textures which can be completed by us on our own. The filling matter can be our dreams, anxiety, fears or everything else that can appear at ease.

This music is vast and concise in one time. Each one has its own meaning and synth cover all guitar vibes. Like splinters that create mosaic in one’s imagination… but still they are splinters.

facebook page: Explosions In The Sky

You may also be inspired by: The God Is An Astronaut; Stars As Lights; Maserati.

3 thoughts on “Explosions in the Sky – The Wilderness (2016)

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