Tamikrest – Kidal (2017)


🇲🇱 Tamikrest come from the heart of Mali. Amidst hope and despair they wander and sing a song of freedom.

Eternal sand and high wind are their fellow travelers; however, Tamikrest’s songs are not about nature and its rules, but about human rules and consequences.

Ousmane Ag Mossa and his mates sing about fragile Tuareg life. Peace and war, truth and lies, integrity and violence – all mixed up and became reality for generations. Years and centenaries passed away and left the land barren and families miserable.

Nevertheless hope and faith live in hearts and manifest themselves in each song of  Tuareg band.

facebook page: Tamikrest

You may also be inspired by: Tinariwen; Terakaft; Bei Bei & Shawn Lee;

7 thoughts on “Tamikrest – Kidal (2017)

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