Abysmal Torment – The Misanthrope (2018)

Abysmal Torment - The Misanthrope (2018)

🇲🇹 The fall of 2018 brought a number of mighty albums at extreme metal scene and to me this one is the most crushing.

Abysmal Torment is one of the most famous bands coming from Malta. During years of its existence, the collective has been improving the sound in order to each maximum of strength and reach the depth of downtuning. Swaying between brutal and technical death metal, Abysmal Torment

Distinctive feature of the line-up is two vocalists shouting themselves hoarse: it’s not a competition but rather collaboration. Mind-blowing rhythm section and also distorted guitars complete the arms used to blast the conscience.

If you want to have this in several minutes, I advise to try the last track as it’s true concentrate and then re-listen to the full album. You definitely will not be bored.

facebook page: Abysmal Torment Official

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