Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Year of the Funky (2017)


Bei Bei, Chinese composer and guzheng virtuoso, collaborates with famous multi-instrumentalist and producer Shawn Lee, making the second album state-of-the-art and really nice to listen and breath with.

Guzheng is traditional Chinese string instrument with well-recognizable sound. Under fingers of Bei Bei it lives its own live full of folk melodies, modern intonations and eclectic compositions.

Shawn Lee selects background that embrace guzheng’s notes and provide special subtle atmosphere. Sometimes it’s eclectic too as the beats of big city meet ancient patterns and free improvisation.

facebook page: Bei Bei He

You may also be inspired by: Stafrænn Hákon; 3MA; Kongar-ol Ondar

5 thoughts on “Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Year of the Funky (2017)

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