El Club Del Infinito: behind the masks and paint [interview]

🇦🇷 Hello and welcome to El Club Del Infinito! The Argentinian band with such big name consists of guitarist Acople Corleone, Topetazo on bass, Podri the drummer and the voice of the band Misil. We’ll try to talk with the whole band and get details about their art. 

In 2017, E.C.D.I. released self-titled debut album which already reached goosebumps blog. (Check it out in case you haven’t done it yet!) And now it’s time to have a chat with these lads. 

(Not) defining the infinity

– Well, as your name refers to “Infinito”, what do you consider infinity? What do you put inside this term relating to the music you do?

– Hahaha.. That’s a typical question for a band – the one concerning the name. Everybody ask us the same. We didn’t choose the name, the name did choose us. The “infinity” is our continuous search. We don’t like the limits, everything we do is trying to trespass frontiers and break those limits or expand them. We don’t make differences between genres, race, ideology, religion, we don’t even care the planet which you came from, we want everybody in this club. Maybe in a near future we’ll see aliens dancing in our shows (if there are any).

– And what is important for you?

– What’s really important for us is to reach everybody in this planet with our music. In fact, we seem to pick a good road as we are responding an interview to a guy from Russia! That makes us really happy.

​Glad to make some joy! Tell us, is the music sort of hobby for you or is it a main field?

 – Well, we are not “famous” or something (yet), so it’s hard to get the amount of money needed to fulfill necessities only by playing with the band. Everyone has a different way to subsist, and we altogether agree to invest in our musical project. But this isn’t a hobby: we are not working men who play music sometimes, we are musicians who work to pay our investments in music. Let’s say that today we are living FOR the music, and we are working really hard in order to live FROM the music.


ECDI performing live in Santana Bar, Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires

Being provocative on stage and in the life

– Another conventional question: what about your appearance? What does features of your image stand for? (Each guy from ECDI has something special – a mask, a hat, or a black paint).

– We are very careful with those details, or we try to. You are free to interpret what you want, that’s the good thing about art: you can have many interpretations of the same thing and that makes you try to find different stands on your own mind, and so, it makes you find your Real you.

We don’t want to explain what you should think, so try to think for your own. It’s all about freedom, and it should stay like that unless Acople starts to feel cold on his legs and Topetazo starts to lose his abs haha.

– What about vocalist’s paint on his face? Is it about “blackface” or minstrelsy? Or does it mean something else?

– Misil is maybe the one who changes more his outfit in our performances. The black face has a lot of meanings, maybe it’s against racism, or maybe it has something to do with the petroleum, maybe it deals with minstrelsy. We don’t know exactly, preferring people find out their own meaning rather for us to explain it.

– And, Misil, for the sake of all, why is this VCR tape hanging on your neck?

– Misil: Haha! I’m glad you’re asking! It’s the master tape of a game from the 80’s called “Polybius”. Check “Cometa El Club Del Infinito” in Youtube to get the idea.

– As I understood you pay attention to live shows a lot, so are you more dedicated to performance rather than to spend time in the studio?

– Well, the most part of the time we are rehearsing, because we think that’s the secret of everything if you want to sound and perform in a professional way. We pay full attention not only to the music but also to movements on stage. Of course not all what’s happening on a concert is planned, there are random things as well. Thus, we always start our show with a jam, so we don’t really know what is going to happen there.

The second inherent thing is live shows, and for last but not less important we record songs and film videos, that doesn’t happen every week. We are trying different engineers and film makers in order to find the best one, or at least the one who matches El Club Del Infinito.

Curious fact: Julio Berta, the producer of our debut album “ECDI” has been working with really big bands here in Latinoamerica, he even has a Grammy award for one of  his releases. Unfortunately not for ours but let’s not lose our hope haha.

– Which daily events are your favorite? (I mean noisy parties or silent idleness, moments of art or something else…) 

– Everyone has his own moments of course, but in general we spend time trying to be better musicians in all the sense of the word. Sometimes enjoying a good book relaxed at home, while other day we go to a noisy ruff and dirty party all together, or maybe visit a theatre, watch a movie, etc.

We are all very close together, so mostly we spend our time on rehearsals and shows ’cause we play a lot, we love to play a lot.

El Club Del Infinito cartoon

El Club Del Infinito: Add some emptions on these faces and you have them

…Un cometa resulto

– Let’s talk about your debut album. The opening track is entitled “Cometa”. What’s the idea of the song? Is it about distant future of humanity (when people will be floating in the outer space) or is it about our nowadays? 

– The song is about a near future when the planet Earth explodes, after that we are supposed to float in the open space. Then an Argentinian guy comes and sells us what seems to be a “planet” but he rips us off and sells us a comet (also “cometa” is an Argentinian slang way to say commission). In the chorus we sang repeatedly “The comet is very little, be careful or you are going to fall down”).

Here we have an idea how the planet is being sold by pieces for some scammers and it seems there isn’t more room for us the humans to fit in it (even today, when we still have time to reflect on this topic).

– You’ve also filmed a pretty weird video for this song. Does it mean that  it’s the key song of the album?

– Well, whether it is the main song or not – it’s something that the crowd has to define. To us, there is no main composition because every song is different, and there is no direct connection between them. Every song is a little movie, a short cut, that has a different sound, style, lyrics and feelings.

Cometa… It’s just the first video we’ve recorded, it’s like a welcome to the infinite universe of El Club del Infinito. We have a lot of ideas for the other songs’ videos, so have patience with us!

El Club Del Infinito: Cometa

Backstage photo from the filming of “Cometa” with all the cast.

– The footage seems to take us 20 or 30 years back. Was it the purpose?

– Yes, absolutely! We feel ourselves identified with the 90’s era: the movies, the animations, videos, everything was different to what it is today.  This period was the beginning of new technologies era – “new millennium”, and also that was the decade when most of this band mates were born. So our dream was to give back to life a little bit of those good days. We think that with this video we’ve reached the purpose. At this point you should have realized that we are making jokes and having fun all the time so the video tried to show that part of us.

– Please describe one more other song from the album.

– It’s hard to choose the one as every song of this album has a variety of melodies and lyrics depending on its style. For example, “Loco Maple” has a really notorious change of climax in the middle of the song and it becomes more “heavy”, the lyrics is a true based story of us, with a little riot that involving some neighbors and the police haha. There’s a nice video footage that we have just released! You can find it at our Youtube channel, don’t forget to subscribe!

A couple of insights from ECDI

– What kind of music are you working now on?

– We’ve recently released a live show video with a really good edit to get more or less the idea of what a live show of ECDI is, you can take a look at our Youtube channel.

Then, last month weэму finished editing and published new “Loco Maple” video and after that now we are working on 2 songs which are very funny, with hardcore-funky sound which we like. We can’t tell you names of the songs for a moment, that’s classified information.

– I’ve found out that Misil takes part in “freestyle battles”. What about the rest guys of the band? Are you professional or armature musicians? Do you teach boys and girls in school? Or perhaps play bass in a death metal band? 

– [Misil]: Wow! You are a really good detective haha.. I’m the only guy in the band who raps and participates in freestyle battles, I’ve been doing this for about 6 years… I can tell you that I have a crew of friends from the block called “Pintas Crew” and we organize a freestyle competition called “El Pintagono” – you can check this out.

Yes, in summer and winter holidays I teach little kids how to rap in a street school of rhymes (I do that only when I have some free time). The rest of the band have been teaching people for a while but no one dedicates full time. Our music is our life, as we are professional musicians.

Haha no one plays in a death metal band, Topetazo the bass player sometimes posts videos of himself playing bass on Instagram but it’s only for promotion and having fun. We do have some heavy songs though, like Eleven Level, Superheroes and Loco Maple, so no one needs to play in another heavy band haha.

El Club Del Infinito the band

ECDI is a band making some noise

– What if someday one of you will decide to leave the band? Would it be an end for a group, or you easily evolve? 

– It’s really hard to imagine for us to do that because we all spend too much time of our lives in this project, and we love to do what we do. So why fix what isn’t broken?

If someone wants to leave the band we can’t assure that the band will still playing in live shows or recording songs, but definitely we are all gonna keep doing music somehow, together or not.

– Which genres are closest to you?

– We are very open minded to listen to whatever we can, but the main styles we are listening nowadays are Hardcore and Funk. That’s why we say we play “Hardcore Funk” music, but our stuff is really a mix of everything what we like, not only different styles of music, also let’s say a movie, a book, a real life story, a random situation, etc. Everything is part of the fuel that inspires us to put different sounds and messages in our music.

– Which musical groups are you found of?

If you want some names let’s put: Los Brujos, Carajo, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Infectious Grooves, Primus, Living Colour, Los Autenticos Decadentes, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana, Los Saicos, etc.

– Recommend us a couple of bands from Argentina to listen. 

– There are many bands with such level and prestige here, we will make an effort to mix some styles and make a resume… We’ve already mentioned Carajo, Los Brujos and  Los Autenticos Decadentes; also at least Pappo, Eruca Sativa, Sumo, Flema, Catupecu Machu, etc.


– Let’s make a jump inside foreseen future. What do you expect of ECDI in five years?

– The closest goal for ECDI is to play all around our country (Argentina) and maybe to go on tour all around South America, we don’t know that yet cause we are in the middle of a creative illumination and we are recording a lot and making videos that are about to come. But thinking bigger we can imagine us having fun with you in your country and playing some songs for all the crazy Russian people who want to rock with us and explore our sound and live performance, you will enjoy it as much as we will for sure.

– What is the most shameful moment for you for last years? What do you regret of?

We have lots of shameful moments all the time haha.. For instance, when we lose a contest or competition, or when we face the technical difficulties while making a gig. Maybe when things doesn’t go the way we wanted to. But we have no regrets for anything, the things we did wrong during this time of being together gave us feeling what was the proper way to do it. We have a song called Eleven Level which has a chorus that says “the things that I do wrong make me a better person” and talks about frustration and how to excel that feeling, something similar to the subject of your question.

– We live in time of “extensive presence”… I mean,  for any project to stay alive you need to be everywhere… Where can we find El Club?

– You can find El Club Del Infinito in all the Cd Baby digital stores, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, and we appreciate if everyone who reads this interview follows us in social networks, our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

In Argentina it isn’t very common for to use BandCamp, but due to your recommendation we are also there! Check out our page and give us a hand, we would love to have fans from over the world and from Russia – why not! You can also buy our album to support us if you like our job. Each small thing matters!

– What is your dream if it exists? 

– Of course we have dreams! Especially when sleeping (haha, it’s a joke). Dreams or goals change constantly while you are reaching them! For example, our first dream was to have this band, and now we are living it!

El Club del Infinito on stage

El Club del Infinito makes their own dream come true on stage

– Right now we are trying to, as we mentioned before, expand the limits in all the ways, and try to reach  every person on planet Earth (and why not other planets of the galaxy). Currently the main dream is to play for a crowd so big that any arena in the world would be tiny to allow all of them… And maybe then we’ll play in the middle of the desert like in a sort of Burning Man festival, but without burning anything, only your brains with our music.

– What do you think about this blog? Any suggestions, criticism or reflection is appreciated. 

– It’s a really good blog. For real. There’s a person behind this who cares enough to research and find bands all over the world. It’s a great job, and very important for underground bands like us, bands who have their ups and downs. Sometimes you have to play only for the applause, but no matter what happens we believe in us, and we work hard to try to expand our limits and to make our music to be listened to the most people that we can! And to realize that there’s somebody from a country so far away who’s interested in what we have been doing and takes his time to research about us is really a blessing, gives us hope and energy to keep working hard.

We can’t give no suggestions about the blog ’cause we have no experience doing blogs, so it’s really ok for our taste haha. Thank you for the opportunity of letting us being part of it!

– You’re welcome guys and thank you for such kind words. The previous (and namely the first ever) interview in this section was with Astralia band. What do you think of their music?

– Well, we prefer not to talk about what we feel about other bands than our band, this is not a selfish thing it’s totally the opposite, we fight for freedom so we don’t want to give a fake point of view of something we don’t know too much about.

We are musicians but not critics and this is our way to see things. Of course we respect all types of thoughts, believes, and social behaviors which don’t trespass the limits of freedom.

The only thing we can say to people it’s to experiment the sound of the band themselves and to take their own conclusions, we as musicians always have fun finding new stuff referred to music, hope that you have fun too.

– Thank you for sincerity and your time doing all this story. Wish you great success and launching your own festival with a huge crowd cheering ECDI! Ah, forgot to ask you: do I need nylon stockings on my head to get the message from ECDI properly?

– Haha nah, you can put on your head whatever you want to. The only thing you need to use to get the message properly is what’s inside of it (we mean between your ears) haha..

Finally we want to say that we are grateful for the opportunity of doing this interview. For us is a real honor, this opens our mind to the possibility to go to places that we never thought our music could reach. It’s satisfying to know that people from so many miles of distance can enjoy our art.

Good life for everybody! Don’t forget to subscribe on our Youtube channel, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify:  “EL CLUB DEL INFINITO”.


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