Clan Caimán – Asoma (Rises) (2021)

🇦🇷 Clan Caimán is a nice and unusual act that you have to get to know.

The characteristic sound of the band is created by kalimbafón, the specific thing, self-made by Emilio Haro. This instrument can be considered a neighbor of kalimba and balafon, but, apparently differs from both.

Emilio Haro leads this Argentinian band, and a good company helps him to enchant the audience. Other members are Gonzalo Córdoba (lap steel / baritone guitar), Diego Voloschín (percussion), Facundo Gómez (electric guitar), and Claudio Iuliano (bass). The album depicts attractive universe where you’ll spin around, bumping the bubbles and breathing tasteful midair.

It’s hard to define the genre, as everything sound so complete and convincing. What these guys do it’s just grabbing your heart and giving it some feeling. Don’t let this fade away…

facebook page: clancaiman

Get this album via bandcamp

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