Cendres: From the glacier to the outer space [interview]

Today we are talking to Cendres, French trio with massive and catchy sound. It seems they have prepared something interesting for us!

Прочитать интервью на русском

|| Les Origines De L’Alchimie

– Do you remember how everything started?

It was a huge drinking night with our former bass player, Jérémy John David. On the next day, we tried to do music together. It was some kind of modern metal. At the end of the session, Jérémy asked us to try something different. One of the ideas was instrumental music. That’s how “AER” was created and how everything started.

– So, “AER” was the first composition by the band?

Right, and we decided to go through this concept of natural forces further.

– Was it hard to make “Le Grand Œuvre”, your debut work?

Yes, but it was rather very long than very hard thing. It was the first time for us to do such a long production and recording work. We all had bands before, but not this kind. Something like 2 years passed between the composition and the final CD.

– Obviously, the album has a strong concept. Whose idea it was?

Jérémy and Aloïs wrote on paper what was on their mind. Cendres was built on a totally different way than our previous bands. We first had an idea, something to say, and then we tried to express it with our instruments.

– I think your video series was something special.

We shot our video on a glacier, 3200m high. We are very proud of this work, made by our friend Tony Gagniarre. And we had huge logistics behind the video. Check out behind the scenes video on YouTube to get an idea of the process.

– I guess you should had funny or unexpected situations while filming it.

On the glacier, there’s 30% less oxygen than normal. So when you drink a beer, the alcohol kicks 30% harder! The local drink is called “Chartreuse” and hits at 55%. I think you can figure what the nights after work were…

Conquering the glacier.

|| Being a band

– Our traditional question. Do you feel goosebumps when playing?

We have our thing: we play in a triangle, face to face. So when we look into each other’s eyes on a powerful part… whoaw… what goosebumps!

– This triangle seems a powerful thing! I guess it’s like an energy concentrator. Is this energy boosted by the crowd when you play live?

When we play, we sometimes feel the collective energy. You cannot determine it, or plan it in any way. It just comes, and it’s so strong, man!

Triangle is a perfect shape.

– Do you like it when the crowd goes crazy?

Cendres is not exactly a circle-pit band. We don’t have a microphone on stage, no “Scream with me Gdansk!”

What do you enjoy more: to compose and rehearse, or to play it live?

You know, rehearsals are not the funniest thing. You just work out your parties, with the stress because of the upcoming concert. But it’s clearly a very important part of the job. Otherwise, we would deliver Cendres’ message in the wrong way. So, we care a lot about the steps of composition and rehearsal. Frankly, no preference.

– Aren’t you tired of all that epidemy outcomes?

Yes, when it all started, it was a little boring. But we changed our work process to adapt to the reality. Anyway, no one could escape it.

– What did you do first when the isolation finished?

We planned a rehearsal. We met. We turned the bbq on and got beers. We drank Chartreuse cocktail in the sun. We got drunk. So, no rehearsal. It was a damn good moment!

Rehearsing and inventing something new.

|| Next step

– It seems you are going to present a new album to the auditory soon.

Hell yeah! The album’s name is “Macrocosme”.

– What a big name!

Yeah, it will also have a certain concept behind, all arranged to embody our idea.

Come on, give us some spoilers about it.

Maybe there will be 7 tracks. Maybe it’s about alchemic planets of the solar system. Maybe we have prepared narrative tracks. And maybe we’ll release another video before the album.

– Will you change the sound of Cendres? I mean, maybe different tempo, other settings, something like that?

In general, “Macrocosme” will sound more orchestral. We have been listening to Hans Zimmer a lot these days. And we took a lot of attention to people’s feedback after our last gigs. But Cendres still sounds post-metal.

|| Around the Sun

– Is Cendres the main musical project for each of you?

Yes and no.

– What other band(s) do you play in?

Sylvain (drums) plays in Crumbs (80’s hard rock), and Martin (new bass player) plays the guitar in WallskinZ (fusion metal).

– I’ve found out that you had a lady on vocals in the good old times. Are you going to bring her back?

We were not good enough to play with her! She rocked a lot! But seriously, did you really think it was us?

– I’m kidding of course. Anyway, what about some voice in Cendres?

We still have choirs in several tracks and a narrator in the “Macrocosme” album. When we play live, each person in the audience has his or her little voice in the head. Isn’t it enough?

Shaking the walls

– What is your dream if any exists in your mind?

We want to tour all around the world, play everywhere and, most of all, to bring Chartreuse to all people around the world!

– Haha. And what inspires you?

Spending time together, listening to the music, drinking some shots, speaking about life and death… From one’s point of view, all that can be a loss of time, this inspires us and brings soul food to Cendres’ Music!

– Which albums do you consider the must-listen-to?

Sylvain: Russian Circles – Blood Year; Gojira – The Way Of All Flesh.

Martin: Gojira – From Mars to Sirius; The Beatles – Sergent Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band.

Aloïs: Russian Circles – Memorial; Gojira – Magma.

– Wow, a lot of Gojira spotted! They are going to rock with “Fortitude” very soon! Wish you no less success with “Macrocosme”!

Thanks, and come back for our second album! We’ll launch you guys to the outer space!

– Finally, I guess you have some recommendations for us. A couple of other bands to taste (and to get goosebumps).

First, check our good friends: From the Past (post-metal), Töne (post-heavy soundtrack), Songes (post rock).

Bigger bands: AmenRa, Russian Circles, EZ3kiel, Hint, Muse, Hans Zimmer… And so many more.

– Thank you for your time and your art which you share with us!

We want to thank you a lot for your interest. Thanks for supporting the scene!

Awaiting for the “Macrocosme” album from these guys!

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