Skelkur í Bringu – Þrífðu Þetta Hland (2017)

a0996533402_16Fragile nordic chants meet fuzzy guitar-driven waves. And right in the moment they resonate all the mystery fades out and there are only drums in the empty space…

They come from Iceland and so do numerous nautic and coastal beasts some of they you can spot within an album with unpronounceable title “Þrífðu Þetta Hland”. However, for this kind of stuff you’re not obliged to pronounce anything as you are invited to the mystic show.

Pretty odd music giving a sensation of something prehistoric occuring nowadays. Exhale and give a listen to it…

facebook page: Skelkur í Bringu

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3 thoughts on “Skelkur í Bringu – Þrífðu Þetta Hland (2017)

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