Trigger Cut – Rogo (2021)

🇩🇪 Missed some noise, folks? Here we have a band ready to set your mind on fire. Please welcome, so beautiful Trigger Cut.

All these pandemic outcomes can be painful for a band, but that’s no reason to halt. Trigger Cut is on the way and these guys never agree for a compromise it seems.

The latest to date album called “Rogo” is self-recorded collection of sincere songs, raw and beating like a human heart. Plain melodies, catchy riffs, loud drums and explicit vocals, that’s what it is made of.

Don’t be surprised it you won’t be able to resist to jump high shouting “Hooray” somewhere in the middle of the listening to this stuff. I bet you’ll repeat the same several times, especially when it comes to “Fireworks”. I know, as I did it myself.

facebook page: Triggercut

Get this album via bandcamp

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