Máquina Delírio – Mefistovalsas (2021)

🇧🇷 Insane cover speaks for itself, hinting that we’ll find something special inside. So, don’t wait to put it on.

Máquina Delírio is Brazilian duo made by Erica (drums & sfx) and Ricardo (strings and vocals). Their debut record was done in a DIY-mode at home.

Well, the first feeling which came to me is that it’s heavy enough but still very sunny stuff. It is inspiring, especially if played during short winter day. It’s so warm that your heart will certainly resonate and jump into eternal summer.

Soft and touching rock blossoms within this EP. Pretty strange, fluctuating and floating to a blurry horizon. Right vibes for us to jump on and surf without any restriction.

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple | youtube | yandex

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2 thoughts on “Máquina Delírio – Mefistovalsas (2021)

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