Make Some Noise. 10 Portions of Noise Rock

Sharp sound spreads swiftly. Image by artgiagzhel

Noise rock is not a homogeneous act. Conversely, various kinds of guitar music, loud and quiet, heavy and rather mild, fast and slow, appear in this category. Here is our overview, containing at least several of those incarnations.

1. Cower – Cover Boys (2021)

🇬🇧 The British Cower open our chart with their “Boys” completely reworked and seasoned by special versions of the compositions. Not stopping after loud original version of the debut album, the trio re-conquers the listeners’ hearts, pouring strange gothic atmosphere into their hi-tech noise structures. It’s so bizarre to meet romantic melodies just close to harshness and explicit rhythm.

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2. Cronies – Cronies (2021)

🇺🇸 While I was enjoying their previous short record with so long title, Cronies did the next step, fast and unavoidable. And it worth it to give this album the title of the band. Cool blend of punk, hardcore and some elegance not that expected when dealing with noise rock. These catchy vibes throw you in the air and drop down on the slippery slope. It’s a fun trick they do with you, buddy. Just slide along and feel this noise with your gut.

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3. Бескультура | Bescultura – Бес Культ Ура | Bes Cult Ura (2020)

🇷🇺 Straight to the center of Siberia, the city of Krasnoyarsk. No doubt, these Russian guys know well how to emit the noise. Add strokes of senses atop and you’ll feel the message of worn citizens with your skin. Watch the planets parade from abandoned factory somewhere in the suburbs. Don’t forget, all this is strictly d.i.y. which means advised to listen immediately.

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4. Exhalants – Atonement (2020)

🇺🇸 Exhalants are from Texas, US. “Atonement”, issued back in 2020, lately followed by live record “529 East Atlanta“, is an album which should drive you crazy. Frisky guitar, crushing bass, and sharp drum beats are the three components of the bomb. And it’s so captivating to mess around this bomb and live through its exploding in slow motion mode. The trio will guide you from the very beginning and burst together with you.

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5. Andarta – Andarta (2020)

🇮🇱 It’s time to slow down and halt for a while. With Andarta from Jerusalem, Israel, it won’t be a hard thing to do. These guys deconstruct the sound and get the threads out of heavy chaos. The threads are going to entwine and penetrate you. As a result, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the circle pit swaying and headbanging. Works better than the virus, I need to admit.

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6. USA Nails – Life Cinema Demos (2020)

🇬🇧 Hey, the nails are razor sharp, calibrated to pierce your eardrums. Simplified repetitive structures, boosted by the pedals, fast pace, reckless manner and intrusive vocals. What more do you need to get excited? The only one confusing thing comes from the band’s title. USA Nails origins not from US, but from Foggy Albion instead. However, in the global world this doesn’t matter so much, especially when it comes to one’s dreams.

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7. Oily Boys – Cro Memory Grin (2020)

🇦🇺 Nowadays, a lot of bands pick the best from hardcore, punk, metal, and offers the world own stuff. The Aussies Oily Boys don’t hesitate to share their emotion with the public, and do it absolutely sincerely. Nervous, chaotic and catchy cocktail from a crowded city inhabited by brave young souls willing to leave something behind them and make a difference. While listening, you can easily go rogue and do weird things like kissing the rat. Don’t be shy.

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8. Хвойная Вязь | Hvojnaja Vjaz’ – Абсолют | Absolute (2020)

🇷🇺 Russia again, but another corner of this vast country. Coniferous Karelia and its sons, mighty trio Хвойная Вязь. They give us selected riffs, Northern passion, desperate voice and the glimmer of hope in the end. By the way, the last track from the album is called “Let’s Leave Behind”. Good thing to do, to let the past stay as it happened to be and go further, together with Selected Goosebumps.

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9. Seum – Winterized (2021)

🇨🇦 Sometimes good noise is born out of doom and sludge. That’s the case of Canadian band Seum. Trio with no guitar, just bass, drums and vocals. But really, they do not need a guitar to accomplish their mission. Mesmerizing heavy sound under the grey sky, drink it dry. And when you’re done, don’t exhale. Check also Seum’s live album issued later on and you won’t be disappointed, oh boy.

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10. Trvss – New Distances (2020)

🇺🇸 Back again to America, this time to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Trvss is here to end up our crazy list. And these guys really do make a noise. Follow the bass lines in “hiss” and you’ll certainly feel it. Fierce drumming in “stigma” will reinforce the impact and throe you down the ground. Lay there and get all the volume which this post-anything noise carries especially for you.

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