Cutting the Gordian Knot. 6 Sharp Avant-prog Acts

Not an easy challenge to accomplish. Image by lunamontem

Today we are listening to selected acts of complex, even complicated for perception, bur beautiful music leading us to new charming worlds.

1. Nodo Gordiano – Sonnar (2020)

🇮🇹 Let’s start exactly from the core. The Gordian Knot is in front of us, and the brave Italians dare to cut it. With their “Sonnar”, the mission seems possible. Solid mature music, a huge step forward after previous release back in year 2014.

Modern Nodo Gordiano sounds terrific, especially when exploring the themes. Moreover, beautiful feminine vocals make it even more pleasant to listen to.

This album has incorporated so varied pieces. Some are compact and light, while there is also a huge lump right in the middle, I mean “After Dusk”. That’s what I recommend to take seriously, only if you’re prepared enough for a true diving.

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2. Le Grand Sbam – Furvent (2020)

🇫🇷 Weird characters on the stage. Playing something strange and paranormal. Aliens or bastards? Where did they come from and what is their message? Try to get answers while listening to this album, if you only can.

Antoine Arnera and his company create an outstanding art, which has nothing to do with conventional music. You’ll recognize folk, jazz, rock elements and so on, ancient, medieval and contemporary sounding, but everything completely reimagined.

The human voices will lead you far away in your secret dreams. Surreal world which unveils right behind you, just turn around and you’ll arrive there.

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3. Rob Mazurek & Exploding Star Orchestra – Dimensional Stardust (2020)

🇺🇸 We cross the ocean to find ourselves in the company of extremely prolific Rob Mazurek and his team.

Exploding Star Orchestra, an ensemble which combines a dozen of great artists, is indeed unrestricted act. It’s unique alliance between acoustic and electronic instruments which extend the boundaries of avant-garde art.

For sure, there are no boundaries at all. The thing is that’s our perception builds rules and limits, and true artist can easily escape it just by performing, not to mention creating new compositions.

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4. Free Human Zoo – No Wind Tonight (2019)

🇫🇷 Free Human Zoo, led by Gilles Le Rest, present their “No Wind Tonight”. This titanic work comprises four parts of the story, told one after another.

The first and most extended one, entitled “Bab’Y”, is split into several chapters, each one is worth a listen. Furthermore, you’ll have “Curritur Ad Vocem” which to me is no less charming, adorned with beautiful vocals and multi-layered structures.

It’s so exciting when numerous voices sound in unison and develop the soundscape in accordance with each other.

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5. Chromb! – Le Livre Des Merveilles (2020)

🇫🇷 Now, rushing to Lyon in order to meet CHROMB! Rushing, because they are meteoric!

This collective challenges conventional classification and taxonomy. You are going to experience the mysterious action. Something bizarre involves you and excites immediately. Inside “Le Livre Des Merveilles” there are chants and melodies, and even the noise coming from nowhere as well.

Listen to the proclamations written in this book. You know what, there’s no chance to argue with any of them.

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6. Desertion Trio – Numbers Maker (2021)

🇺🇸 Now it’s time to wrap up and taste something spicy and cold in the same time.

Desertion Trio is driven by Nick Millevoi with the help of Johnny DeBlase and Jason Nazary. It has its own recognizable sound, which refers to the inventions of the mid 20th century and newest openings as well.

Strange, enigmatic and kinky, faltering from time to time, but always getting on the feet, this music evolves through itself, finding dimensions and fractals inside, and meanings in your imagination.

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