Jrpjej | Джэрпджэж – Taboo: Songs of Love & Death (2021)

🇷🇺 Welcome to the mountains where the wind keeps the ancient stories about the people and the nature, in their simultaneous harmony and conflict.

Jrpjej is a brightest star shining in the firmament of unique Ored Recordings label. This small team is fanatically investigating native art in expeditions and adventures. The traditions coming up to the digital era and sounding with a new voice.

The range of Jrpjej varies from dramatic songs based on deep vocals with the strings accompaniment to literally hypnotic action converted in a compact composition.

These songs are not only about beautiful moments of life. Shichepshin and accordion as well as other wonderful musical instruments and

facebook page: jrpjej

Get this album via bandcamp | Previous album, Qorror

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