Szabó Sándor & Kobza Vajk – Rejtek (2021)

🇭🇺 Now, we find ourselves at the intersection of the worlds, allying, collaborating, scrambling and collapsing.

Eastern Europe, especially The Blakans and Carpathian Basin, is an area of multicultural evolution and synthesis. During the centuries, the artists have been trying to find the answers to the open-ended questions, reworked the traditions and established their own ones.

On this album, Kobza Vajk is playing the strings: mostly oud, then psaltery and bağlama. And Szabó Sándor handles guzheng, eastern instrument with a touching voice. These two musicians created retrospective and touching album, addressed to a world wide auditory.

These authentic compositions are minimalistic in their organic sounding. A lot of meaning is put not only in notes and melodies, but in pauses and echoes. It is a case when a string bear more sense than any sort of expatiation.

facebook page: Sándor Szabó | Kobza Vajk

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3 thoughts on “Szabó Sándor & Kobza Vajk – Rejtek (2021)

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