Nika Solce – Tiha misel (2021)

🇸🇮 Tosay’s Selected Goosebumps’ discovery is something coming from the midair, light and touching.

Nika Solce is Slovenian artist which creates musical stories, minimalistic and ethereal. She arrange majestic melodie due to the lyrics by various poets, letting the lines sound especially nice.

On this album, you’ll hear acoustic instruments, including the strings, handpan and flutes. They are a perfect match for Nika’s celestial voice. Quiet and cozy tarrains open their scopes for us, inviting for a carefree run. Take a deep breath, let your body move, and take a glimpse on your past and your future. Then, feel the current moment, full of beautiful song and calmness.

facebook page: solce.nika

Get this album via bandcamp

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3 thoughts on “Nika Solce – Tiha misel (2021)

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