Oslo Tapes – Ør (2021)

🇮🇹 Welcome to Oslo… situated on the Adriatic coast. This is another Oslo, founded by Italian musician Marco Campitelli during his trip to the Scandinavian land.

“Ør” stands for something misty, obscure in Norsk. This concerns the whole ablum and each detail you encounter while listening. Strange story told by the mighty trio, with Mauro Spada (bass) and Davide Di Virgilio (drums and percussions) which joined Marco to raise the project.

Not only in Norway we find ourselves. It’s also a parallel universe, where cosmic objects wander nearby. This magnetic music conducts current and charges the hearts. Leavy your’s open, and you’ll get your own portion, with the whisper in “Kosmik Feels”.

However, my personal pick is “Zenith” as well. This composition has another dimension inside, higher than three physical. Let’s consider it spiritual one, but terms don’t matter that much, when it comes to the joy brought by Oslo Tapes!

facebook page: oslotapes

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple.music | youtube.music | yandex.music

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