Becoming the Imago: 5 Ultimate Jazz Experiments

Wild creature breaking into our world. Image by artgiagzhel

Today we try on something unbearable. Five albums without any border or frame. Absolutely free experiences, touching a listener’s skin, mind, and heart.

1. Tau 5 – Kreise (2020)

🇩🇪 For sure, each album arriving at the Selected Goosebumps blog is specific. “Kreise” by Tau 5 is no exception.

Allowing non-jazz elements and arrangements into deep jazz, this work is sheer experiment and bold futuristic act. Synths by Philip Zoubek and Petter Eldh embrace Philipp Gropper’s sax and play hide and seek with the drums by Moritz Baumgärtner. Enjoy this circles, as the title of the album speaks for itself.

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2. Hako – Birth Of The First Male Child (2020)

🇷🇸 🇧🇬 🇪🇸 International collaboration leads to the synergy, right? This trio, an eventuality of Horz Music label and world class experimentation, goes further.

Here we have their second album, a collection of excerpts from Hako’s own language. Sweet double bass, spicy tenor sax and tasty drums make this meals exquisite. Don’t wait to have a bite!

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3. Pulled by Magnets – Rose Golden Doorways (2020)

🇬🇧 Here is the British answer on the question not asked yet. As you start listening, the questions appear and collapse, vacating space for a sound waves. They are everywhere, spreading, fluctuating and scratching, grabbing all your attention.

At last, Acoustic Ladyland reincarnated! Shall it be the dark side, this brings a ray of pure excitement. New sip of eternal air, new step of the enormous creature appearing out of nothing like Phoenix did.

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4. Paula Shocron, Pablo Díaz – Algo en un Espacio Vacío (2021)

🇦🇷 Something different from tango, coming from Argentina? Well, all tango lovers should change their opinion. Time for the ultimate passion has come.

The duo by Paula Shocron and Pablo Díaz explore the depth of the sound via vibrations and dialogues never heard before. Is that a voice of a lonely elephant or trapped centipede? Or just the elementary particles change their spin and we are the silent witnesses, overwhelmed by chaos dancing with the order.

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5. MoE with Mette Rasmussen and Ikuro Takahashi – Painted (2020)

🇳🇴 🇩🇰 🇯🇵 All-star collaboration which united Norsk collective MoE, Dannish extravagant alto saxophone player Mette Rasmussen and Japanese sound tamer Ikuro Takahashi wraps up our compilation.

This is the case when each participant’s contribution not only increases the value but rather makes the total difference. Welcome to the universe where you shed your skin immediately and fly out that cramped cocoon.

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